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24 hr EEG Test

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Leo is sleeping right now next to me.
And I am writing this post from the hospital room.
Yes. We are staying tonight for 24 hour EEG test.

He has already done two regular EEG with 20-40 minutes.
The results were all normal.
But according to this article, those short EEG can capture only 37% of the first spike of epilepsy patients.
That percentage goes up to 89% with 24 hour EEG.
Leo has never had a seizure, but we would like to see if something bad is happening or not in his brain activity.

And of course, Leo did not like those electrodes put over his head. Well, who like them ?

Video monitoring is being done at the same time to analyze particular physical activities and brain activity.

Leo did not like it at first, but once the TV is on, he seemed very cozy and happy.

So let us hope that we find something new there to explain his symptoms.

Levodopa started

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just as a record. levodopa medication started yesterday. His body was a bit lower tone yesterday. Today the same. a bit lower tone. The hip joints felt a bit tighter too.

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