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Rifton Activity Chair

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Today, I got some images from school showing the new chair that they got for Leo. It is the type that ties the upper body, giving more stability to him overall. They said he is participating more in various activities. But honestly, I felt devastated when I looked at the pictures... He could walk last year. Now he is tied to this chair to be safe... It just looked surreal, but it is the reality I need to face.


We want this chair at home too, but it is very expensive. I need to speed up the application process for Medi-cal for disabled. His ankles are torched inside a bit and we have ordered ankle braces for that, but not yet ready. It's been more than a month.


Everything takes way long time here in the U.S. compared with Japan. Although I have been living here for more than 13 years now, I never have succeeded getting used to that. Any paperwork procedure takes forever here. Just bad...

Leo. もうすぐ出来るから、早く慣れるようにがんばろうね!

Leo. Your braces are almost ready, so let's get used to wearing them and practice walking together, ok?

一方、Senaは(Sister Sena)

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Leo has a younger sister. Her name is Sena. She is two and a half years old now. Only 1 year and 10 months younger than Leo. Sena is very energetic, funny, and never stops talking. She just started talking like an adult when she was one and a half years old. She is like the shinning sun in my family, making everyone laugh even when we are feeling down about Leo.


Of course, she is 2 years old. Yes, she in in the middle of terrible two! She is always like "look at me, me, me!". We are trying to give even affection to both of them, but she does not feel that way, of course. So she always ends up doing some mean stuff to Leo and having a fight each other. That happens quite often. But well, she is now two and a half. So she started acting more matured and sometimes takes care of Leo. So not sure they are getting along or not (probably yes).

Sena. 一緒にLeo兄ちゃんのことささえてあげようね。これからもずっと…ね。

Sena. It's a long and winding road. Let's support your bother together, ok?

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