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中耳炎と気管支炎 (Ear Inflection and Bronchitis)

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昨日の夜、ずっとLeoの夜泣きがひどかった理由はなんと、中耳炎と気管支炎。夜中トイレに連れて行ったら、左耳を数回指差すので、もしやと思って午前中にお医者さんに連れて行ったら、気管支炎のおまけつき。昨日一生懸命訴えてたんだね。ごめんねー。本当に分かってあげられてなくて(涙)。最近ずっと鼻水と咳がひどかったから、そこから来たかな?しっかりお薬のんで治そうね。ちなみにアメリカの薬は飲むタイプの抗生物質。42種類のフレーバーがあるらしい。何も言わずにもらったのはイチゴ味?尋常じゃなくまずい… Leoもまずそうな顔してたな。ははは、、、


The reason why Leo kept crying last night turned out that he's got ear infection and bronchitis. He pointed his left ear when I took him to the bathroom, so my guess was right! but never thought of bronchitis... He was trying to tell me about it and stupid me... I could not figure that out. I am very sorry, Leo (tears...). He has been coughing hard and had runny nose lately, so it may have come from there. Let's make sure to have the medication twice a day. By the way, the medication is a liquid type antibiotics and you can choose a flavor out of 42 kinds. I did not say anything, so I got strawberry flavor, which tastes nasty! Leo did not like that, of course.

Today I also talked to Jennifer at school about his annual review meeting next month. Well, he became unable to walk or stand by himself, so nothing has improved actually or rather worsened significantly. So the teachers are also wondering what to do next. They are very supportive and we cannot thank them enough. They are planning to have an aid worker for his safety and also obtaining several support equipment that he needs at school. So Leo. We are all hoping you'll get better a bit, so let's work together, ok?

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